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What I believe...

I believe in the power of clean, whole, unprocessed, quality food. Food is fun, colorful, curious, satisfying and delicious as it is nutritious. Food brings families, friends and communities together and bonds us in the human experience like few other things can in life. 

I believe our bodies are a gift, designed for expression of movement, and we honor and nourish our bodies by regular varied activities.

I believe that one's mind and one's body are not separate entities that should be treated in isolation. A primary keystone of good health lies in recognizing and honoring that connection between the mind and the body.

I believe that each person is unique, and while there are many basic tenets of holistic nutrition shared in common, individual nutrition is a very personal experience. I would be honored to help you design a nutritional style that fits your life, honors your mind and body, and helps you to achieve your personal nutrition goals.

Purely in life,

Sonya Matthysse

Purely My Life Nutrition + Wellness

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